Why Choose a TPC Adiabatic Cooler?

TPC Adiabatic Coolers are the cost effective alternative to evaporative cooling towers being capable of supplying similar water temperatures to evaporative coolers while reducing Health and Safety concerns and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Advantages of TPC Adiabatic Cooler:

No chemical water treatment
No registration with local authorities
Lower operating costs than cooling towers
Lower water use than cooling towers
Minimal maintenance
Sealed Cooling System
No unsightly plumes of water vapour
No contamination of the water circuit
Multiple fans unlike a typical tower with one fan
Energy Saving Inverter

Construction Options

Copper, electro-tinned, steel or stainless steel

Aluminium, copper, electro-tinned, aluminium coated, steel or stainless steel

Axial type at various speeds to suit customer requirements

Galvanised steel, external painting, aluminium or stainless steel