Energy Saving

Air Blast Cooler Inverter Control

TPC’s Inverter Speed Control of air blast cooler fans provides substantial energy savings and reducing noise emissions.

Using standard Stage Control, fans are switched on and off at full speed to match cooling requirements and the cooler input power increases or decreases in direct proportion to the number of fans in operation. This wastes a great deal of power and creates unnecessary noise.

However, using TPC’s Inverter Control, cooler capacity is matched to load by changing the speed of all fans in unison. Power consumption and operating noise level falls dramatically with any reduction of load or ambient.

Energy Saving V Type

Chiller Inverter Control

TPC’s Chillers with variable speed inverter driven compressors or fans can provide energy savings when compared to conventional on/off compressors. Improvements in control of inverter driven compressors and fans can optimise chiller performance in a range of operating conditions.

Free Cooling

TPC Free Cooling is the fast and effective way to reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint on refrigerated process water cooling applications.

Water chiller systems are selected to supply a constant water temperature in the summer time. However, for most of the time UK ambient temperatures are much lower, making chiller systems oversized for over 70 – 80% of the year. By using TPC’s Free Cooling technology, massive amounts of energy can be saved on chiller running costs, especially during autumn, winter and spring. Return on investment is outstanding with payback from energy savings being achieved in as little as 6 months.