Extruder Cuts Running Costs With Free Cooler

A Midlands extruder has recently, with the help of a Carbon Trust interest free loan, installed a TPC retro-fit free cooler to a chiller.

In the first 3 months of operation the free cooler supplied 100% cooling to the system, the chiller only started to activate in the Summer daytime period, with the result of greatly reduced energy bills and carbon footprint reduction.

Cooling Tower Alternative Installed for Blue Chip Company

TPC have recently supplied a VTDT adiabatic cooler to replace two cooling towers, reducing concerns regarding health and safety issues, water treatment costs and maintenance bills.

The unit is designed to operate as a dry air blast cooler for the majority of the year.

Cool Savings From Retrofit

A Basingstoke plastic manufacturing company is benefitting from, a 300kW Retro-Fit Free Cooler, which has been added to an existing 300kW chiller system giving savings on electricity bills and reduced Carbon footprint.

The add on cooler has been designed to take over the total 300kW cooling requirement for 70% of the year. It is also fitted with energy saving inverter fan control.

In the first month of installation the company’s power consumption on cooling was reported to fall from 220 A to 22 A.TPC Retro-Fit Free Coolers have been designed to be added to any manufacture of chiller.