Flatbed Air Blast Coolers

TPC Flatbed Air Blast Coolers (Dry Coolers/Dry Air Coolers)

Flatbed Air Blast Coolers ranging from 20kW upwards and available as horizontal configuration with vertical airflow and vertical configuration with horizontal airflow. Units offered with control panels with staged fan control or energy saving inverter.

TPC Dry Air Cooler Configurations

V-Type Coolers for reduced plan area.

Flatbed Coolers with horizontal or vertical airflow.

Box Type fully packaged units incorporating pump, tank and starting equipment.

Product Highlight

No Chemical Water Treatment
No Clean and Chlorination
Sealed System
No Water Losses Through evaporation
Low Operating Noise Levels
Minimal Plan Area
Low Operating Costs
Energy Saving Inverters

Construction Options

Copper, electro-tinned, steel or stainless steel

Aluminium, copper, electro-tinned, aluminium coated, steel or stainless steel

Axial type at various speeds to suit customer requirements

Galvanised steel, external painting, aluminium or stainless steel

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Why Choose a TPC Air Blast Cooler

Total Process Cooling has over 60 years of experience in water cooling applications and is well placed to provide customers with well engineered, cost effective and reliable cooling equipment to suit specific design and production requirements across the board.

TPC After Sales & Maintenance Service

TPC are available to offer expert technical advice and assistance in the event of a breakdown. Highly qualified engineers operate throughout the UK and Worldwide ensuring an efficient and effective repair and after sales service.

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