High Duty Air & Water Cooled Chillers

The TPC High Duty chiller range represents a new generation of high energy efficient chillers.

The WSW range are water condensed chillers for indoor installation, specifically designed for high performance with a small footprint. The different options allow a further extension of the operating limits both at low and high temperatures of condensing water, to allow the correct operation with either dry cooler water(high temperature), tower water (middle temperature) or mains water (low temperature).

FreeCooling (FC)
The Techno chiller is available in a Free Cooling version reducing electrical usage further by utilising low ambient air temperatures to cool the return water whenever possible. As units are selected against the highest ambient conditions the benefits of free cooling can be obtained for a substantial period of the year in the UK.

Product Highlights WPA & WSA High Duty Air Cooled Chillers

Cooling capacity range 130 – 565 kw (WPA Chillers)
Multiple Scroll Compressors (WPA Chillers)
Cooling capacity range 370 -1260 kw (WSA Chillers)
Screw compressors (WSA Chillers)

Product Highlights WSW Water Cooled Chillers

Cooling capacity range 230-1530 kw
Standard & Low Noise available
Indoor installation
Semi-hermetic Screw Compressors
Shell & Tube Condenser Coils
Double Passage Hydraulic Circuit
Expansion Vale
Shell & Tube Evaporator
Full Metal Structure
Electrical Panel
C2020 electronic controller with digital display

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Why Choose a TPC Chiller

Total Process Cooling has over 60 years of experience in water cooling applications and is well placed to provide customers with well engineered, cost effective and reliable cooling equipment to suit specific design and production requirements across the board.

TPC After Sales & Maintenance Service

TPC are available to offer expert technical advice and assistance in the event of a breakdown. Highly qualified engineers operate throughout the UK and Worldwide ensuring an efficient and effective repair and after sales service.

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