Air blast coolers

TPC Air Blast Coolers are also often referred to as Dry Air Coolers or Fin Fan Coolers. They are energy saving and with sealed water cooling systems reduce maintenance costs on both the cooler and the equipment it serves.

Air Blast Coolers are a cost effective alternative to cooling towers and require no water treatment or high maintenance regimes.

Dry Air Cooling offers many advantages including no water losses, low energy use, low operating noise levels and minimal footprint.

EC fans, inverter drive for variable speed fans or simple fan stage control are available as part of our control option packages. Control panels can be built on to the coolers and factory wired reducing on-site installation costs. Pump sets can also be built onto the cooler to create a single packaged unit reducing installation to a minimum.

With our extensive range of construction options and a wide range of unit configurations, TPC Air Blast Coolers can be offered to meet specific customer needs and site requirements.